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What We Do


Early engagement allows us to closely work alongside our clients to develop a project strategy that satisfies all key deliverables. Our Pre-Construction team has a wealth of experience in residential, commercial and retail sectors.
Our engagement in the Pre-Construction process allows us to identify constraints and best practice methods to deliver robust construction strategy.
Our teams experience apply their expertise to address:

  • Design
  • Development and management
  • Value
  • Engineering
  • Buildability
  • Statutory Approvals
  • Construction planning and implementation
  • Procurement Strategy

Project Delivery

Moving a scheme form Pre-Construction to construction should be a seamless process to ensure the knowledge, momentum and understanding of a project is maintained.
To facilitate this, our Design and Build Director maintains an involvement in each scheme throughout its lifecycle and we integrate our operational and commercial teams into Pre-construction. Each member of this team will then move forward from Pre-Construction to a construction delivery team.
The strategies conceived during the Pre-Construction process are driven through construction to optimise successful delivery. Collaboratively, the Construction team, supported by senior management will be responsible for successful project delivery and ensure continued control of:

Post Completion

The legacy of a successful project is to maintain those standards achieved after completion.
For this reason, Croft have been proactive to employ a dedicated aftercare team to ensure our clients and customers have a single point of contact beyond completion. 
In this area, we believe we excel…..
The role of our aftercare team is made all the more successful by integrating them into the latter stages of the build process so that they can develop a more thorough understanding of the building, materials and finishes, supply chain and key contacts. Further, being responsible for compiling the O&M Documentation, best places them to react more effectively should any matter arise post completion.
Following completion of a project, any possible defects are reported to our aftercare team via a dedicated e-mail address. It is our policy to acknowledge this defect within 18 hours of being reported and address the reported works in an agreed timescale subject to a client bespoke priority level rating.
Our aftercare manager will coordinate any required works, supervise and obtain client satisfaction (sign-off).


At Croft Construction, we have a wealth of experience in many areas of construction and pride ourselves on leaving a positive lasting legacy for our clients and customers.
At Croft, we can offer and apply our services in the following sectors:      

  • Retail and leisure
  • Commercial fit-out
  • Residential new-build
  • Residential refurbishment
  • Hotels
  • Student Accommodation
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • development
  • work balance
  • trust
  • Responsible
  • Protect
  • Family
  • Leadership
  • Enhance
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